Day 5: March 20 and A message from Mrs Tyson

Welcome to the end of Week One, Fern Folks!  I am so proud of all of the great work that was done this week!  Students learned! Teachers learned! PARENTS learned!! Y'all are amazing and you should be really proud of yourselves for accomplishing a huge transition AND getting quality schoolwork done even when the grown-ups are doing their own work, too.  I don't know about you guys, but we are having to prioritize who gets bandwidth access in our house!  Four adults trying to access the internet at one time--we had to triage the situation!  I hope you are finding ways to overcome your challenges too--from the folks I have heard from it sounds like you are doing a great job.  Flexibility and patience are the names of the game and you have all shown great amounts of both so pat yourselves on the back!!!

Please see the attached message from Ms. Tyson, our excellent Interim Superintendent. She has given us a good update on where we are here at the end of Week One as well as some clues about how the District is thinking about moving forward.

I went to school today for the first time since Monday!  It is clean and disinfected and ready for the moment we can come back. I also got my books so I can read more stories--you guys might get tired of seeing my face!!! It was so strange to be there without anyone else but this is New Normal and we do know that we will be back at some point.  Meanwhile, start thinking about how we are going to revision and honor the important moments we are missing and let me know your ideas! This is the time for creative, collaborative thought and you all are a great group to brainstorm possibilities!  

For now, STOP WORKING & I plan to do the same because it is the WEEKEND!! We need to mark it and heed the call of the end of the work week.  Take care, know we are missing you, and be well!  

Thank you for your commitment to our continued partnership in education,

Joan Fowler Ray, Principal  

Fernbank Elementary School



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