Many clubs will start as early as January 19th and communicated by each club


(clubs are virtual for the semester)

*  Clubs have the ability to offer additional classes if space fills up.
Please reach out to club contacts listed if this happens.

Fernbank offers a number of after school clubs. Clubs are run and managed by individual vendors who meet Fernbank's requirements and qualifications, or sponsored and led by Fernbank teachers or parent volunteers. Our club offerings may vary year to year. 


Most clubs are offered per semester and all are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The 2021 Spring session registration period will begin at 8:00 AM on Monday, January 11th. Club start dates will be communicated by each club.


creative movement

day of the week : any, all classes are virtual, you choose the day

price: $48 per month, pay as you go

· $48 per month– unlimited 3 week (minimum) access to classes at your child’s fingertips.  At your convenience, no set time or Zoom issues.  Pause, rewind, play, and play again!


· NO registration fee now, or when in person classes start at your child’s location- easily transfer to in-person classes when they resume at your location.

· Geared primarily toward grades K – 2nd .


· Our cast of Magical Mermaid Instructors, along with real students.


· Class covers Pre-Ballet, Tap-Ballet, and even includes some bonus Hip Hop – all thoroughly entertaining with our most animated teachers.  




*Pre-Recorded videos to watch each week at your convenience. No set time or day!

Returning families register through this parent portal link:
Parent Portal Link

New families register at

These are pre-recorded class so you can log in any day to participate.


2:30-3:45 pm

3rd - 5th grades

Registration Link

$179 per student
8 classes

Presented by Moboc Productions:

Questions? 773.540.5590

For Grades 3-5. During the Kids TV Class, kids will produce a mix of short videos for either their Personal Portfolio or a future YouTube channel.   Students will learn producing, camera operations, video editing, performance and how to brand their videos as if creating their own YouTube Channel.   We will have 2 lessons on building a YouTube Audience,  but creating a YouTube channel is not required for this course.  Our goal is to give the tools to create and produce, and the kid producer and parents decide how to use the tools.  No prior experience is needed.  




K-2nd 3:30pm Tuesdays

3rd - 5th 3:30pm Thursdays


Registration :

$129 per semester for 1x per week

$250 for 2x per week

Capacity: 20 students a class

Questions? Contact Master Johnson:



Feb 1- March 22

Mondays @ 3:00 pm

$215 (including all supplies)

Atlanta family magician Ken Scott and the Atlanta Magic School is teaching magic after school! The class features amazing, custom magic tricks, secret file folders, and access to our "TOP-SECRET" website.

Ken Scott will also teach your student some important life skills. Students will learn the value of being Respectful, Confident, Humble and more.

Open to: 2nd - 5th graders

Select the PURPLE WAND ONLINE course


For more information visit: 

Questions? Email Ken at


Tuesday 2:30-4 or Thursday 2:30-3:30

Classes spread out on different days based on skill levels.

(Classes will use a combination of Zoom in conjunction with


$120 / 10 classes


Registration Link >> 


Led by Head Instructor National Master Damir Studen (2009 and 2013 Georgia Chess Champion).

2015 STATE CHAMPIONS! Join us. Be a part of this great legacy. 

Did you know the Fernbank Chess Club (FCC) has been Georgia's most successful elementary chess program for more than two decades?

Acknowledged as a national chess powerhouse, the Fernbank Chess Club promotes strategic and critical thinking, sportsmanship, and learning to win and lose with grace and dignity.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or a rated tournament player, Chess Club is fun.


Beginners have fun.  Our peerless coaches teach you everything you need to know to enjoy this lifetime activity of fun competition.  FCC has proven itself uniquely able to teach even the youngest kids to become skilled players quickly. 


Better players have fun.  As you quickly improve through coaching, playing chess and Chess Magnet, an online tool provided for all FCC members, you will move to fun and new challenges.  Within a year, if you practice, even if you are a Kindergartner, you can beat many adults, including your parents!


Questions? Contact Damir Studen: