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Fernbank offers a number of after school clubs. Clubs are run and managed by individual vendors who meet Dekalb's requirements and qualifications.


Clubs are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Make sure you are signed up for the school wide emails to always see the club announcements!

General Info

Key changes to note- Due to the changes for clubs under the county process, each club with handle their own registration and payment. YOU WILL NOT REGISTER THROUGH PTA. You will use the links below.

From that point on once registered-all questions, communications, payments, issues, etc., go to the club leaders. Also, due to outside factors, there will not be an art club this semester. 


Day: Tuesday  2:45-3:45     Price: $150 Grades: K-5 (exceptions made for PreK with prior experience)

Registration Link:

Martial Arts

Day: Tuesday or Thursday 2:45-3:45     Price: $250     Grades: PreK-5
Registration Link:


Please note the age ranges for Wednesday and Friday before signing up

Day: Wednesday 2:45-3:45      Price: $175      Grades: K-2

Day: Friday 2:45-3:45      Price:      Grades: 3-5

Registration Link:


Day: Wednesday or Friday 2:45-3:45      Price: $160     Grades: PreK-5

Registration Link:  RegisterCMD-Fernbank

Club Scholarship Information

Due to the unforeseen changes with clubs and having to work under time constraints for Spring clubs, we will not have scholarships for clubs this semester. 

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