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Over the past few years, Fernbank Elementary has run a fall fundraising campaign called Fund the Fern. It is a fun and exciting campaign that includes parents, students and the community.


The purpose has always been clear and concise - raise money to support Fernbank Elementary’s PTA and Foundation budgets as well as to raise money to invest in the teachers & programs which make Fernbank such a wonderful and successful school.

Your generous donations will help us fund

  • Instructional software, Scholastic News, and paper agendas for every grade

  • Full-time tutoring/MTSS teacher

  • Teacher stipends for all homerooms and specials

  • Grade-level stipends for each grade

  • Building beautification to positively impact the student's learning experience

  • Grounds improvements to positively impact the student's physical experience

  • PTA program support & family engagement

  • Playspace improvements for inclusive outdoor play


Thank you to our

2022-2023 Family Donors



Jerry Allen
Allen Family
Alonso-Clark Family
Arbilly-Weissman Family
Lisa Bolling
Bowen Family
Burke Family
Charles & Ginger
Bobbi Cleveland
Cone Family
P. Cunningham
Robert Davis
Team Davis
DeGracia Family
Estep Family
Godfrey Family
Grandma J
Hamilton Family
Harper Family
Ms. Heda & Family
Holland Family
Kaba Family
Kilpatrick Family
Kladis/Young Family
L’Heureux Family
Lewis Family
Liesener Family
Lowe Family
Mancini Family
Mr. McFarland
McKellar Family
Parr Family
Patterson Family
Rej Family
Rogers Family
Rowberry Family
Rushing Family
Saisha & Veda
Same/Easton Family
Scherer/Dillard Family
Schmitt Family
Schulz Family
Seabolt Family
Shepherd Family
Spears Family
Stewart Family
Toulme Family
Tribbett Family
Upthegrove Family
Walker Family
Watson Family



Barrett Family
Bergethon Family
Butler Family
Carrubba Family
Caruso Family
Chhabra Family
Cutts Family
Dupree Family
Eaton Family
Eber Family
Elzemeyer Family
Fernbank Learners
Garai Family
Greene Family
Henwood Family
Hughes Family
Kollmeyer Family
Langdon Family
Linneman Family
Maitre Family
Mann Family
May Family
Medwin Family
Petty Family
Rice Family
Rollins Family
Savage Family
Sears Family
Sekhon Family
Shahnavaz Family
Strawn Family
Svoboda Family
Team Turner
Wallace Family
Zyglis Family


($1,000 +)

Andrews / Bowling Family
Bacon/Reidy Family
Bornstein Family
Cadray Family
Christensen Family
Couch Family
Del Guercio-Sperry Family
DeVries Family
Dhaliwal Family
Eby Family
Karl Falconer
Jacxsens Family
James Family
Johnson Family
Kilpatrick Family
Lim Jaleel Family
Mattioli Family
Medlin Family
Pascale Family
Petralia Family
Pociask Family
Prickett Family
Russo Family
Stowe Family
Tester Family
Warnock Family
Washington Family

a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization

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