It's time for the annual PTA Reflections program!


This voluntary cultural arts competition is a chance for every Fernbank student to let their creativity shine and share their original work.


This year's theme is "I Matter Because...". 

More info on the Reflections program and on this year's theme here and below:

The annual Reflections theme is created by a student and selected two years in advance through our annual theme search contest. This year’s theme was submitted by a then 1st grader, Rylee Stier, who drew inspiration from her town being impacted by the CA wildfires of 2018.  With the call for meaningful steps to dismantle structural racism, this theme provides new meaning and an opportunity to engage and elevate the voices of students of color. This is a priority, now more than ever, and the PTA is committed to standing behind our beliefs and mission to make every child’s potential a reality. 


Download rules and guidelines for each art

Students may submit an entry in any of 6 arts areas: 

Visual Arts



Music Composition

Dance Choreography

Film Production


Due to COVID conflicts we are requiring ALL submissions be digital this year. 

Full details on what is required for submissions is outlined in the Student Packet. This packet also includes an entry form that must be completed and returned with student's submission.


The entries will be judged by a team of local artists and creative professionals and the winners will be celebrated (date to be announced) and may be chosen to be entered into the State and National level competitions. 

How to Enter
Application Form

Please contact PTA Reflections Chair Emily Mann with any questions

Submissions and entry form should be sent to PTA Reflections Chair Emily Mann at


The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 30th, 2020.