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CONGRATS to kindergartner
Georgia Ford whose dance
coreography submission 
"Dance All You Want"
has won at the regional
level and is headed for the
national Reflections competition! 

Fernbank Reflections Winners


Visual Arts

1st Place - Sofia Calli

"Beautiful Music Makes Me Hopeful"

Candidate AV3-Pre-K- Visual Arts-Beautiful Music Makes Me Hopeful.jpeg

2nd Place - Sammie Baker

Candidate AV2-Pre-K- Visual Arts-Rainbow.jpg

3rd Place - Gwen Upthegrove
"The Horn"

Candidate AV1-Pre-K - Visual Arts - The Horn.jpg

1st Place - Gwen Upthegrove
"New House"

Candidate AP1-Pre-K - Photography -.jpg


Visual Arts

1st Place - Emory Matthews
"The Magical Imagination"

Candidate BV2-KK Grade- Visual Arts- The Magical Imagination.jpg

2nd Place - Sam Poropatich
"To See Rainbows"

To See Rainbows.pdf

3rd Place - Cora Redman
"Pepper the Puppy"

Candidate BV1-KK Grade- Visual Arts- Pepper the Puppy.JPG
Dance Coreography

1st Place - Georgia Ford
"Dance All You Want"

1st Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place - Clark Hughes
"Mountain Art"


2nd Place - Mclane Upthegrove

Candidate CV4-1st Grade - Visual Arts - Mathematics.jpg

3rd Place - Elizabeth Coppola
"The Sunset with the Starry Night"


Participant - Charlie Baker

Candidate CV1-1st Grade- Visual Arts- Christmas.jpg

1st Place - Mclane Upthegrove
"School Day"

2nd Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place - Lily Hengen
"Tree of Life and Love"

2nd Grade- Visual Arts-Tree of Life and Love.jpeg

2nd Place - Adair Edwards
"Soaring High at Fernbank"

2nd Grade- Visual Arts- Soaring High at Fernbank.jpeg

3rd Place - Leighton Turner
"Everybody is Different"

2nd Grade- Visual Arts- Everybody is Different.jpeg

4th Place - Angel Cardenas-Diaz
"The Tree of Hope"

2nd Grade- Visual Arts - Tree of Hope.jpg

Participant - Jameson Hughes
"Mountain at Sunrise"

Mountain at Sunrise.png

Participant - Ada Penny
"Cat of Sunlight"

2nd Grade- Visual Art-Cat of Sunlight .jpeg

Participant - Corinne Poropatich
"Helping Nature" 

Helping Nature.png

Participant - Sania Sekhon
"A Beautiful Tomorrow"

2nd grade- Visual Arts- Beautiful Tomorrow.jpeg

Participant - Bess Shepherd
"Hopeful Nature"

Hopeful Nature.png

1st Place - JP Cadray
"A Home for Everybody"

2nd Grade- Photography- A Home for Everybody.jpg

2nd Place - Bess Shepherd
"Happy Sheep"

2nd Grade - Photography - Happy Sheep.jpg

3rd Place - Grady Redman

2nd Grade- Photography-Speed Cube.jpg

1st Place - Adair Edwards
"Soaring High at Fernbank"

I am hopeful that we can all stay safe.
I am hopeful for no bullying.
I am hopeful for no lockdowns.
I am hopeful that we all stay SOARING.

2nd Place - Bess Shepherd
"Peggy's Big Day"

Wonce there was a girl named Vivian. She lived on a farm, she had horses, cows, chikens, ducs and one pig name Peggy.


One sunny day when she was biking, the pig snuck out. That's how come a stranger pulled up and tride to lure it back with dipin dots. But that didn't work. So her Grama put a leash on the pig to try to lead her back to the pigpen. That didn't work, so tinily Vivian's mom got the tractor and piced up the pig, but the pig was not happy. It was so mad that it didn't want to get out of the tractor. It wanted to have an edventur.


Evenchooly they managed to get Peggy out, but boy it was hard! Wonce they got Peggy out, they went inside and did very realaxing things to rest up from the big day they had.



Music Composition

1st Place - Bess Shepherd
"Hopeful Song"

Bess Shepherd_Music Composition_2nd grade_Ms Johnson
00:00 / 01:24
Dance Choreography

1st Place - Bess Shepherd
"Hope is Dancing"

Film Production

1st Place - Bess Shepherd
"Bess's Kitchen, Make a Tasty Smoothie"

3rd Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place - Hope Hill
"I am Hopeful Because I am Hope"

2nd Place - Juliana McCloud
"The Hopeful Garden"

3rd Place - Izzy Washington
"The Tree of Hope"

3rd Grade- Visual Arts- I am Hopeful Because I am Hope.jpg
3rd Grade- Visual Arts- The Tree of Hope.jpg

Participant - Indiana Dillard

3rd Grade- Visual Arts- Foul.jpg

Participant - Hawk Upthegrove
"The Winter Season"

3rd Grade - Visual Arts - The Winter Season.jpg

1st Place - Hawk Upthegrove
"The Trees"

3rd Grade - Photography - The Trees.jpg

1st Place - Hawk Upthegrove

3rd Grade - Literature - Snow Day Haiku.jpg
Dance Choreography

1st Place - Harper Green

"I am Hopeful for my Future"

4th Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place - Nishan Sekhon
"The Only Way is Up"

4th grade-Visual Arts-The Only Way Is Up.jpeg

1st Place - Rocco Ricciardelli
"Warm Shadows"

4th Grade - Photography - Warm Shadows.jpg

5th Grade

Visual Arts

1st Place - Mikaela Ludwinksi
"A World of Hope"

5th Grade-Visual Art-A World of Hope.jpg

2nd Place - Zion Bailey
"There is More Good Than Evil"

5th Grade - Visual Arts - There is More Good Than Evil.jpg

3rd Place - Margaret Shepherd
"Hope in Ice Cream"


1st Place - Isabel DuPree
"I am Hopeful that everyone can start their day with an amazing meal"

I am Hopeful that everyone can start their day with an amazing meal.png

2nd Place - Frances Shepherd
"Happy Hair"

5th Grade - Photography - Happy Hair.JPG

3rd Place - Margaret Shepherd
"Plants are Hope"

5th Grade - Photography - Plants are Hope.jpg

1st Place - Evelyn Anderson


2nd Place - Margaret Shepherd
"Human Buds"

3rd Place - Evelyn Weinschenk
"That Core we Call Hope"

The flower bud blooms
Away from all the despair
Lucky humans bloom

That Core We Call Hope.png

Participant - Spencer Henschen
"If I Could Change the World"

If I Could Change the World.png
Music Composition

1st Place - Lucy Nguimkeu
"For the First Time"

2nd Place - Sylvie Bergeron
"Show the World"

3rd Place - Margaret Shepherd
"Notes of Hope"

5th Grade Music Composition- Notes of Hope
00:00 / 00:49
Dance Choreography

1st Place - Frances Shepherd
"Dance is Hope"

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