Thank you to our Family Donors



The Alonso-Clark Family
Allen Family
The Barrie Family
The Wolf Family
The Eby Family
The Hughes Family
The Francois-Watkins Familiy
The Lowe Family
The Maitre Family
Ms. Heda & Family
The Girard Family
The Osgood Family
Mr. McFarland - Fernbank Neighbor
The Nguyen/Sibau Family
The Rushing Family
The Tribbett Family
The Watson Family



The Boelhouwer's
The Christensen Family
Josh Borstein and Chris Jones
The Cutts Family
The Svoboda Family
The Strawn Family
The Langdon Family
The Stowe Family
The Wallace Family


($1,000 +)

The Haraway Family
The Medlin Family
The Johnson Family
The Kilpatrick Family
The Ricciardelli Family
The Pascale Family
The Russo Family
Alexander/Curtis Family
The Tester Family

Over the past few years, Fernbank Elementary has run a fall fundraising campaign called Fund the Fern. It is a fun and exciting campaign that includes parents, students and the community.


The purpose has always been clear and concise - raise money to support Fernbank Elementary’s PTA and Foundation budgets as well as to raise money to invest in the teachers & programs which make Fernbank such a wonderful and successful school.


We have found ourselves starting the school year under unprecedented terms and with a wide variety of new and different needs. 

a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization