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Over the past few years, Fernbank Elementary has run a fall fundraising campaign called Fund the Fern. It is a fun and exciting campaign that includes parents, students and the community.


The purpose has always been clear and concise - raise money to support Fernbank Elementary’s PTA and Foundation budgets as well as to raise money to invest in the teachers & programs which make Fernbank such a wonderful and successful school.

Your generous donations will help us fund

  • Instructional software, Scholastic News, and paper agendas for every grade

  • Full-time tutoring/MTSS teacher

  • Teacher stipends for all homerooms and specials

  • Grade-level stipends for each grade

  • Building beautification to positively impact the student's learning experience

  • Grounds improvements to positively impact the student's physical experience

  • PTA program support & family engagement

  • Playspace improvements for inclusive outdoor play


Thank you to our

2023-2024 Fund the Fern Donors



Ansley and Xander Allen
The Andrews-Wilson Family
Arbilly-Weissman Family
The Austin-Slaven Family
The Beasman Family
The Bowen Family
Frank and Jane Brunner
Calli and D'Arienzo Families
Calli Family
The Chamberlin Family
The Chepaitis Family
Ciavatta Family
The Coppolas
Dillard/Scherer Family
Carter and Melissa Douglas
Barry and Amy Dunham
Tiburcio Echeverria Family
The Ettinger - Saye Family
Faya Family
Ford Family
Danny and Terri Gibson
The Gill Family
The Harpers
Christina and Sandeep Heda
The Henwood Family
The Hoer Family
The Holland Family
Honey & D
Matilda Huisman
The Kaba Family
Kladis/Young Family
Kollmeyer Family
Elizabeth & Jason Kotz
Michael and Ellen Levitt
Lewis Family
The L’Heureux Family
The Liesener Family
The Mancini Family
Amanda, Smokey, and Bandit Martin
The Marco Family
Masta Family
The May Family
The McKellar Family
The O'Neill Family
Park Family
Partridge-Allison Family
Heather and Kevin Patterson
Susan Pravda and Gabor Garai
The Redman Family
The Rice Family
The Rose Family
Rowberry family
The Rushing Family
The Schulz Family
Seabolt Family
The Shahnavaz Family
Sheats Family
The Sherrill Family
Brendan and Cassie Streich
Toulme Family
The Tribbett Family
Team Turner
Reid and River Watson
The Webb Family
Welsh Family
The Westbrook Family
Carrie and Jack Whitworth



The Barrett Family
The Bennett Family
The Beniamin Family
The Bergethon Family
The Butler Family
The Carrubba Family
The Caruso Family
Comer Family
Amy and Robert Davis Jr.
David Dermer, Preferred Tax Services
The DuPree Family
Bree and Ben Eaton
The Eby Family
The Elzemeyer Family
The Greene Family
Robert and Ginger Ann Hughes
The Jenkins Family / Laura W. Jenkins Interiors
The Linnemann Family
The Lowe Family
The Maitre Family
The Mattioli Family
The Medwin Family
The Nguimkeu Family
The Ots Family
The Parr Family
The Robie Family
Savage Family
Schmitt Family
The Svoboda Family
Karen and Brian Thompson
Paige Winzeler


($1,000 +)

The Bacon/Reidy Family
The Cadray Family
Chhabra family
The Christensen Family
The Couch Family
The Crossman Family
Dana and Sundeep Dhaliwal
The Farkas Family
The Gallo Family

The Harper Family
Christiana and Pete Jacxsens
The Johnsons
Jones-Bornstein Family
The Kilpatrick Family
Matthews Family
Pascale Family
Mark and Kathryn Petralia
The Pociask Family
The Prickett Family
The Ricciardelli Layus family
The Russo Family
The Sears Family
The Sheth Family
St. Lawrence Family
Theresa Stowe
The Swartwout and Gutierrez Family
Kirsten & Henry Warnock
The Washington Family

a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization

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