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Fernbank offers a number of after school clubs.

Clubs are run and managed by individual vendors who meet Dekalb's requirements and qualifications.


Clubs are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Make sure you are signed up for the school wide emails to always see the club announcements!


Once registered for your club, all questions, communications, and payments should go to the club leaders (not PTA).

Clubs will begin Tuesday, January 23rd and conclude Friday, April 19th.
Each club will meet for a total of 10 weeks during this period -
the weeks beginning 2/12, 3/4, and 4/1 are off weeks due to school holidays.

*Science club runs from 2/4 through 4/18.

Club Info and Registration

(Prices are per semester)

Martial Arts - $260         
Tues or Thurs  PreK - 5th

Register for Martial Arts

Basketball - $245

Wednesday  K - 3rd
Friday  2nd - 5th
Register for Basketball

Chess - $185               
Tuesday  K - 5th
Register for Chess
Dance - $290               
Wed or Fri  PreK - 4th
Register for Dance
There is a separate science club being held at the Fernbank Science Center this semester. Spots are very limited so sign up now!
Students attending this club will be picked up by a Science Center employee and walked across the street from school. Parents will pick up their students from FSC at 
3:35 for K-3rd and 3:45 for 4th & 5th; children who need after-care past these times will be escorted back across the street to FES.

Science Club - $100           
Tuesday  K - 3rd

Thursday  4th & 5th 

Register for Science

**Science club runs from 2/4 through 4/18**
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