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Volunteering Requirements at Fernbank Elementary School

If you'd like to volunteer for at-school events, chaperone for a field trip, or work any other role where you're working in-person with students, you must satisfy the DeKalb County School District's parent volunteer requirements. 
Volunteer Level I
Volunteer forms for the following volunteer opportunities are available in the front lobby and can be quickly filled out day of:
  • Mystery Reader
  • Parent Show-and-Tell
  • Helping with a class activity or class party
  • Cafeteria Helper
  • Library Helper
  • Photocopy Helper 
  • Career Day Helper
* All volunteer opportunities will be sent out directly by teachers or will be sent through the FLASH.
Volunteer Level II
For daytime field trips, parents who want to be chaperones will need Level II volunteer training. 
Please click here and follow steps 1-5 to complete the Level II Volunteer Training.
* For Step 4, we recommend you choose 'Officer Helper (Level II)' under #2. of the Volunteer Application and Release form. 
** For Step 5, please send your picture ID and Mandated Reporter Training Certificate to the DCSD email address AND CC:
Volunteer Level III
For overnight field trips (5th grade parents), chaperones will need Level III 
volunteer clearance.  
All parents must complete the Steps 1-5 in the above Volunteer Level II clearance as well as schedule an appointment with the Dekalb County Public Safety Department for fingerprinting.
Dekalb County Public Safety Department
5861 Memorial Dr
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
* If you have any issues with transportation to and from the Dekalb County Public Safety Office, please email
*Getting cleared for Level III requires just one more step than Level II. It will grant you clearance for any and all volunteer opportunities and covers you for 5 years (with annual badge renewal at the DCSD security office). Please consider Level III to maximize your volunteer potential as a member of the amazing FES community!
* If you have any questions about the information above, please contact the Fernbank Elementary Volunteer Liaisons at
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