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This could be where we could publicize the awards that staff members are winning, the training they are attending, fundraisers they are working on, maybe even birthdays?!

This could be where we could publicize the awards that staff members are winning, the training they are attending, fundraisers they are working on, maybe even birthdays?!

This could be where we could publicize the awards that staff members are winning, the training they are attending, fundraisers they are working on, maybe even birthdays?!

Exciting News from Fernbank's Staff!

Fernbank Foundation Auction event tickets are on sale!

Purchase your tickets today for this fun event that benefits all Fernbank Elementary students. We look forward to bidding with you! 

Online Auction February 1 – 8th

Live Auction – February 11th at 6pm

at the Dekalb Historical Courthouse in downtown Decatur!

Picture retakes are due by November 11th.

If you have questions please contact Robin Gaucher at

Volunteers Needed!

We can use volunteers for lunch duty, in the school store, and in the parking lot each morning. Ms. Keen, our fabulous art teacher, is also looking for some help. Visit our Get Involved page to find out more details and to sign up!


Honors Day
5th Graduation

Email any GO GREEN FERNBANK questions to: 


A brief award reception for the Reflections Art Program participants and their parents, will be held in the cafeteria, following the morning announcements on Thursday, November 17th.

The kids go green + recycling club met on Wednesday, January 18 after school.


We watched a video on waste-free living and discussed ways in which we can reduce our trash footprint in the cafeteria. 


We shared suggestions on how we practice waste-free living: 

-pack lunches in reusable bags and reusable containers 

-use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastics

-use cloth napkins instead of paper

-use stainless steel cutlery instead of plastic

-eat healthy, local organic foods from farmer's markets

-eat less, prepackaged, processed foods

-reuse/re-purpose containers (yogurt, applesauce, egg cartons)


Think about ways in which you, too, can reduce your trash footprint at home and at school. Please share your ideas with us!


Thanks so much to the students and parents who helped with the paper recycling collection and the cleanup in our recycling center!


We need your help Fernbank! 

Please sign up for paper recycling collection


Thank you for supporting go green Fernbank!

Our Big Auction Event is

THIS SAT Feb.11th at 6:30pm

Have you purchased your tickets? You can

preview items that will be available to bid on now!





Our Big Auction Event is

February 11th at 6:30pm

at the DeKalb Historical Courthouse in downtown Decatur!

Thank you to all who participated in

this huge fundraiser!

It was a blast and a huge success!

We have just a few items that were not bid on

and are now available for purchase.

Check them out!

To pick up any remaining auction winnings, you can come to the conference room in the front office starting at 7:30am on Tuesday. We will be "open" from 7:30am - 8:30am, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Note: You will not receive any paper certificates for any items bought from the Teacher Donation/School Experiences Category. Please coordinate directly with the teacher/staff member(s) to redeem those items.

38% of this revenue ($28,488) was raised thanks to our fantastic teachers and staff offering to donate their time after school to give your children amazing experiences! Thank you teachers and staff!

$2,787 was collected in the classrooms thanks to our wonderful Fernbank families! It was used to purchase (or enhance) our fun getaway packages. The money you contributed was converted to $4,600 worth of revenue, thanks to the generous bidders who purchased the getaways. Outstanding!  

We sold 229 tickets for the auction event in Downtown Decatur. We had 340 bidders - bidding from home and at the event. Thank you to all who attended and bid! And...several of you generously donated dollars - almost $1,000!

Thank you Fernbank!!


Next year will be here before you know it, and we need help to plan and pull off Auction 2018! Please email Sara Blanchard if you are interested in participating! And if you have pictures, we'd love to add them to our gallery - upload them here!

Erin  Haraway - IMG_0153
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0154
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0155
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0157
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0159
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0160
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0161
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0162
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0164
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0165
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0166
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0168
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0167
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0169
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0170
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0171
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0173
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0174
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0175
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0178
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0182
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0177
Erin  Haraway - IMG_0176
Robin Gaucher - IMG_5058
Robin Gaucher - IMG_5063
Hillary & Eric Kilfeather - 2017-02-11 19.44.56
Robin Gaucher - IMG_5069
Robin Gaucher - IMG_5064
Robin Gaucher - IMG_5054

Thank you to our fabulous Fernbank community! You raised $74,827

to support programs that our students otherwise wouldn't have.

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